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About Us

About Us

Founded by twin sisters, Strylets is an online Fashion store. Our mission is to empower women by serving you either as you boldly ascend career ladders or attract the man of your dreams. We believe that a better wardrobe inspires confidence and leads to better performance. It’s a cycle!

If you want to achieve success in your career, dominate in your life, or nail a first date then we are here for you. Strylets is your partner in fashion, ready to dress you for any event. Forget about spending endless hours looking for the perfect outfit for work, party, or vacation. We do it all for you! Our professionally combined, ready-to-wear looks will make your life easier and so that you stand out from the crowd.

Strylets offers high-quality, sleek, sophisticated and sustainability-friendly clothes – and shopping with us won’t break your bank account!

Our Concept

The Strylets' concept is to offer only top-quality products based on special designs, precise and detailed work, and the perfect fit. You can count on us to stock only items made of natural fabrics and high-quality materials.

We value the four Fs: perfect fit, fabric, functionality, and the latest fashion trends.


Moral Foundation

We respect sustainability. Our clothes are an alternative to low-quality items made in unethical work environments. Production is done in Belarus at a facility that pays decent wages and provides good working conditions for their employees.

About Manufactures

We work with renowned designers from Belarus, Europe. Our designers are known for quality throughout the fashion industry. The unique style, creative design solutions, and attention to detail differentiate our partners from the competition. Every single piece has a special design signature – this is meticulous work but work that we believe to be important – imparting almost architectural precision and expression, as well as chastity, grandeur, femininity, and comfort.

Advantages for you: 

  • Fashionable, original, designer clothing gives you the freedom to express yourself.
  • We offer trendy color ranges, exclusive prints, and decors!
  • Accurate cut and ideal sewing are guaranteed.


      Best Regards, 

      Your Strylets